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Capital Credits

A member of McDonough Power has certain rights and privileges not found in other types of electric companies. A specific difference concerns the refunding of funds not required by McDonough Power to do business. These funds are considered "margins."

Each year a notice is sent to every member who was on our system during the previous year. This notice identifies the amount of capital credits allocated to that persons capital credit account. This notice is not a check. It cannot be deducted from a bill, nor can it be exchanged for cash. Patronage capital credits are refunded to members upon approval by the board of directors. Their decision is based on the financial condition of the company. Consideration is given to future business needs and to maintaining an adequate reserve for emergencies.

Should a member pass away, McDonough Power's board of directors has initiated a policy to refund patronage capital at a discounted rate to the executor of the estate. Contact the office for details on this.